Gibraltar has a rich and ancient history that involves the stories and legends of many interesting and colourful characters that have called the Rock home over the centuries. It remains a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities that all live peacefully alongside each other.

Bars and restaurants offering cuisine from every continent of the world can be found within a stones throw and regular cultural events and festivals celebrating the diversity of the community entertain residents and visitors alike. Close to Quay 29 you will find Commonwealth Park, The Gibraltar National Gallery, The Gibraltar Museum and Moorish Baths, Kings Bastion Leisure Centre, Queensway Quay Marina, Inces Hall Theatre and The John Mackintosh Hall & Library.


A short walk down the main street will lead you to the famous Casemates Square and to the old covered Market Place where traders have sold seasonal fresh produce to the people of Gibraltar for hundreds of years.

In addition to the historical city centre, there are traditional pubs, lively bars, nightclubs and casinos to keep you entertained all within a short distance of the development. Gibraltar is definitely all about discovering little secrets of your own; be it a lively coffee shop offering daily chatter, the most romantic view from an unbeaten path, that quiet space for contemplation, the friendliest family restaurant or simply an interesting short cut through the old town.